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Welcome to the Glass Junkie Internet Shop.  Here you will find Vintage Collectibles, Head Vases, Girl Scouts collectibles, Vintage Kewpie Dolls, Black Cat Collectibles, Black Cat Condiments, Black Cat Creamers, Black Cat Sugars, Black Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers, Creamers, Sugar, Sugars, Vintage Reamers, Teapot, Teapots, Black Cat Teapot, Japan, Made In Japan, Enesco, Laundry Sprinkler, Chessie items, Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad items, String Holders, Stringholders, RR, Railroad memorabilia, Cat Stringholder, Cat String Holder, a Flip the Frog Planter, several Kreiss Bridge Card Series Items, a pillow doll, Griswold patty molds and MORE!


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3387 images/flipthefrog.JPG (9388 bytes) RARE Flip the Frog Planter - circa 1930s based on the character by Max Fleischer - White Planter with Black Images.  This item is in Excellent condition with very, very minor wear.  "Made in Japan" is stamped in black on the bottom of the planter.  The planter measures approx. 3"H x 4"L. SALE PRICE $125.00




4112 kreiss-s&c.JPG (28249 bytes) Kreiss Bridge Card Series Sugar & Creamer Set.  This very hard to find set is in Excellent condition with very minor wear and some crazing.  See photos!

images/kreiss-s&c-1.JPG (37456 bytes)



4113 images/kreiss-saucer-yel-2.JPG (11651 bytes) Kreiss Bridge Card Series Cup & Saucer Set - Yellow.  This set is in Excellent condition, with minor wear and normal crazing - see photos.

images/kreiss-cup-yel-2.JPG (17950 bytes)       images/kreiss-cup-yel-1.JPG (16374 bytes)





4114 images/kreiss-saucer-wh.JPG (17340 bytes) Kreiss Bridge Card Series Cup & Saucer Set - White.  This set is in Excellent condition, with minor wear and a manufacturer's flaw along the rim (a series of tiny bumps - not chips, but bumps).  Set does have more crazing than normal.  See photos.

images/kreiss-cup-wh-2.JPG (19846 bytes)     images/kreiss-cup-wh-1.JPG (18726 bytes)





4115 images/kreiss-saucer-gr-2.JPG (13612 bytes) Kreiss Bridge Card Series Cup & Saucer Set - Light Green.  This set is in Excellent condition, with minor wear and normal crazing - see photos.

images/kreiss-cup-gr-2.JPG (17731 bytes)    images/kreiss-cup-gr-1.JPG (18159 bytes)





4116 images/kreiss-saucer-yel.JPG (14542 bytes) Kreiss Bridge Card Series Cup - Black & 2 Saucers - Yellow & Green - This lot is in Excellent condition with minor wear and normal crazing.

images/kreiss-cup-blk-2.JPG (20498 bytes)  images/kreiss-cup-blk-1.JPG (18704 bytes)  images/kreiss-saucer-gr.JPG (14658 bytes)   





2150 images/headvase-lady-napco.JPG (5713 bytes) NAPCOWARE Vintage Lady Head Vase - Wearing Black Dress with Pearl Earrings & Necklace.  Excellent condition with minor wear.  Measures approximately 7-1/2"H.   SALE PRICE $110.00


4544 HeadVase-PoinsettaLady.JPG (21487 bytes) This blonde is dressed for Christmas with a Poinsettia in her hair and two on her dress.  The bottom is marked “Hand Painted Nippon”.  Vase measures approx. 6-1/2”H and is in excellent condition. $45.00


3808 images/headvase-pussnb.JPG (6243 bytes) Hull Pottery Puss 'n Boots Head Vase - Marked "HULL 37 USA".  Good condition but has 2 hairline cracks on the hat above his left eye; otherwise only minor wear.  Measures approximately 6-2/8"H.  Rare and hard to find.  SALE PRICE $75.00


3685 images/goebel-monk-sug.JPG (5807 bytes)
Goebel Monk Sugar & Creamer Set (Z37 is incised on the bottom of the Sugar and S141/0 is incised on the bottom of the creamer).  Both items are marked "Western Germany" and stamped with the bee in the "v" mark, blue ink.  Excellent condition.

images/goebel-monk-cr.JPG (5826 bytes)



3917 images/kewpie-kneescrossed.jpg (21176 bytes) Kewpie Doll - marked "KW913" - Sitting back with legs crossed - measures approximately 3"H - excellent condition.     $15.00
3797 laundrysprinkler.jpg (20789 bytes) Fantastic Figural Lady Laundry Sprinkler - circa 1950s.  Minor wear.   SALE PRICE $30.00


4150 images/teapot-blue-floralhandle.JPG (17098 bytes) Lovely Blue Teapot, marked "USA" on the bottom.  This very nice teapot has a floral motif (see teapot handle and the handle on the lid).  Excellent condition and measures approx. 6-1/2"H.

images/teapot-blue-floralhandle-btm.JPG (5245 bytes)




4148 images/girlscouts-bevset2.JPG (33001 bytes)

images/girlscouts-bevset1.JPG (32493 bytes)

images/girlscouts-bevset-stmp.JPG (7253 bytes)

Girl Scouts Stoneware Beverage Set.  This set consists of 4 mugs and a pitcher, each with the Girl Scout Logo on the front and the words "Kentuckiana Girl Scouts 1985" on the back.  Each is stamped " Louisville Stoneware made in Kentucky" on the bottom.  The pitcher measures approx. 8"H and each mug measures approx. 5-1/8"H.  Set is in excellent condition with very minor wear. SALE PRICE $50.00



4149 images/girlscouts-mug.JPG (13843 bytes) Girl Scouts Stoneware Mug.  This neat mug bears the Girl Scout Logo on the front along with the words "Kentuckiana Council" along the bottom front of the mug.  The mug measures approx. 4-1/16"H and is in excellent condition with very minor wear. 

 images/girlscouts-bevset-stmp.JPG (7253 bytes)



3798 images/laundrysprinkler-sprinkleplenty.JPG (8092 bytes) Laundry Sprinkler - " Sprinkle Plenty ".  This neat sprinkler measures approx. 9"H and is in excellent condition. SALE PRICE $65.00



3590 images/chalkware-skunks.JPG (37854 bytes) Adorable Set of 3 Chalkware Skunks - They measure 2-3/4"H, 3-1/2"H and 4-1/4"H (left to right).  The smallest one has a fleabite on his ear as can be seen in photo; otherwise in very good to excellent condition with minor wear along the back.  Each has a hook on the back for hanging on the wall. SALE PRICE $30.00


3749 images/chalkware-japanesegirlsbkends.JPG (35071 bytes)

images/chalkware-japanesegirlsbkends2.JPG (32344 bytes)

Chalkware Candleholder Bookends - Oriental Ladies - Very good condition other than a couple of very tiny fleabites and a small area on the back of the candleholder section of the bookend on the right - as can be seen in the photo of the back of the bookends.  They each measure approx. 7"H.

images/chalkware-japanesegirlsbkends3.JPG (28491 bytes)




4332 images/PumpkinTeapot.JPG (21909 bytes) Unique Pumpkin (or maybe Tomato - you be the judge) Character Teapot.  There is a black “Made in Japan” stamp on the bottom.  Measures approx. 5-3/4”H.  Near Mint/Mint Condition $20.00


3193 images/HeadVase-Palamino-Front.JPG (23876 bytes) Head Vase - Palamino - silver foil label on the bottom reads "National Potteriests Cleveland Made in Japan" and bears the stamps "5568" and "NAPCO WARE".   This awesome head vase measures approximately 6-1/8"H and is in excellent condition!

images/HeadVase-Palamino-Side.JPG (27874 bytes)



3455 images/HeadVase-WhiteHorse-Front.JPG (22622 bytes) Head Vase - White Horse - marked "Relpo 6739" on the bottom.  This lovely head vase measures approx. 6"H and is in excellent condition -- there are a couple of tiny glaze misses on the ears.

images/HeadVase-WhiteHorse-Side.JPG (29673 bytes)



4435 images/plate-bobcat.JPG (48562 bytes) "Forest Sentinel:  Bobcat" Plate by Artist Carl Benders - 8th and final issue in a collection of vivid wildlife portraits entitled Our Woodland Friends.  From W. S. George - Plate #2550A - Bradex no. 84-G20-29.8.  Near Mint/Mint condition and comes with COA.

images/plate-bobcat-coa.JPG (53557 bytes)



1350 PillowDoll-1.JPG (27385 bytes)

PillowDoll-2.JPG (35384 bytes)

Hanging Heart Shaped PILLOW DOLL.  This adorable doll can be hung on a wall with it's crocheted handle (see photo).  She comes with a matching crocheted hat.  She measures approx 8-1/2" x 11" and is in overall good condition, but does have a couple of creases above her right eye and in the middle of her forehead.  Box (not original to doll) is in rough condition.    $25.00


3561 GriswoldPattyMolds.JPG (56696 bytes) GRISWOLD Famous Patty Molds - Griswold Patty Iron Molds by Griswold Manufacturing Co. Sidney, Ohio, U.S.A.  This may be a "marriage" set (not originally sold together) - contains a Rosette, Heart, Bell, Clover and 2 different handles.  The box has some numbers written on it in ink (see photo).  The molds are in very good condition. $20.00



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This Site Was Last Updated on 01/26/2012.