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Welcome to the Glass Junkie Internet Shop.  Here you will find a selection of Vintage Cocktail Shakers and other Barware Items, such as Ice Buckets, Glasses and complete sets.  We have several Cobalt Blue Shakers, including Angelfish & Windmills. We have shakers and ice buckets that are Cased glass, Cranberry glass, one that is Silver Overlay, a Kentucky Derby Ice Bucket, Shafford Black Cat Decanter Set, a Tally Ho Cocktail Shaker (Hunting Scene with Horses and Hounds), a Pepsi Cocktail Shaker Set, a Mercury Glass Decanter Set, a Nightmare Before Christmas Bar Set, a Depression Glass Ice Bucket, What's Yours? Drink Tab Set and MORE!

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4094 images/cocktailshaker-pepsi-cu.JPG (12970 bytes) Pepsi Cola Cocktail Shaker Set - Includes Shaker, 5 5-1/2"H glasses and 2 2-1/3"H glasses.  The shaker measures approx 8-1/8"H and the set is in excellent condition, other than a manufacturing defect on one of the 2-1/3"H glasses (see photos)  

images/cocktailset-pepsi.JPG (87689 bytes)        images/cocktailset-pepsi-dmg.JPG (10479 bytes)   

SALE PRICE $100.00


3544 images/mercuryglassdecanterset.JPG (22556 bytes) Glass Decanter Set with Display Stand - Very Art Deco!  This neat set consists of a decanter and 6 stemmed glasses in an awesome display stand that swirls upward holding the glasses (see photo).  This lovely old set is in very good condition, possibly mercury glass, with some very minor surface scratches, some wear to the silver and bubbles in the glass. SALE PRICE $60.00


4102 images/glasses-yellow-hi-ball.JPG (62703 bytes) Awesome set of 6 Yellow Hi-Ball Glasses - Excellent condition $30.00
4031 images/dec-blueman.jpg (16811 bytes) Very Unique Blue Satin Glass Man Decanter. This truly unusual piece comes with it's own shot glass, which also serves as his hat. He measures approx. 10-1/2"H and is in Excellent condition. images/dec-blueman&shgl.jpg (32350 bytes) SALE PRICE $100.00


3426 images/ib-blk-am.jpg (22489 bytes) Black Amethyst Ice Bucket - marked with a "C" in a triangle (Cambridge Glass?) - measures approx. 5-7/8"H and is in Excellent condition - minor wear.   SALE PRICE $75.00


3647 images/ib-cutglass.jpg (22820 bytes) Clear Glass Ice Bucket - no marks - Starburst Bottom - measures approx. 5-1/4"H and is in Excellent condition (minor wear on handle). $45.00  
3041 images/ib-kd-citation.jpg (46909 bytes)

images/ib-kd-whirlaway.jpg (50711 bytes)

Kentucky Derby Winners Ice Bucket - measures approx. 4-3/4"H and is in Excellent condition.  Features Citation, Whirlaway and Hill Gail.

images/ib-kd-hillgail.jpg (46468 bytes)

3895 images/cs-cranb-etched.jpg (18691 bytes) Cranberry Glass Etched Cocktail Shaker - Excellent condition!  $65.00  
4030 images/cs-cranb-set.jpg (67534 bytes) Cranberry to Clear Glass Cocktail Shaker Set with 6 Glasses. Excellent condition!  SALE PRICE $140.00


3448 images/cs-sailfish.jpg (18680 bytes) Silver Overlay Sailfish Cocktail Shaker with foil label that reads "Rockwell" and "Sterling Silver Non-Tarnish". The silver overlay is worn on the fishing line on the back side with the 2 men in the boat, otherwise Excellent condition.

images/cs-sailfish-cu.jpg (28587 bytes)

SALE PRICE $120.00


4013 images/nbc-barset.JPG (23922 bytes) Nightmare Before Christmas Bar Set - Touchstone Pictures - Jack and Sally Bar Set - MIB

images/nbc-barset-ins.JPG (19798 bytes)   



3492 images/icebucket-grdeprglass.JPG (14368 bytes) Ice Bucket - Green Depression Glass - in Excellent Condition with very minor wear.  There are some bubbles along the bottom that burst during the manufacturing process -- these are not "chips".   SALE PRICE $55.00




2688 images/glasses-silverpolkadot.JPG (48615 bytes) Silver Polka Dot Glass Set of 12 - Very Good to Excellent condition with minor wear from use.  Great with any deco theme!  This set is also shown on our Art Deco page.  SALE PRICE $30.00


3123 images/glasses-stylized-horses.JPG (55849 bytes) Set of 8 Stylized Horse Glasses - Very Art Deco.  This awesome set is in excellent condition with minor wear.  The glasses measure approx. 5-3/4"H.  This set is also shown on our Art Deco page.  SALE PRICE $30.00


4343 images/DrinkTabs.JPG (25927 bytes)

images/DrinkTabs-box.JPG (15735 bytes)

What's Yours?  Set of Drink Tabs to let you know what is in each glass.  Made by Alexander and Wilson Co., Pasadena, Calif.  This set includes 2 Red (Rye & Water), 4 Pink (Bourbon & Water), 2 Orange (Scotch & Soda), 3 Yellow (Scotch on Rocks), 3 Light Blue (Scotch & Water), 4 Dark Green (Bourbon on Rocks), 4 Light Green (Bourbon & Soda) and 4 Dark Blue (Rye & Soda).   Each of the tabs also has a number on it so you can keep track of who gets what drink.  Set is in good condition.  Comes with instructions for keeping track of who's drinking what and the remains of the original price tag on front of box. $15.00  


4467 SwizzleSticks-Nudes.JPG (53263 bytes) Swizzle Sticks - Set of 8 - Nudes.  These swizzles are blue plastic and in near mint condition.  $20.00


4468 SwizzleSticks-Cards.JPG (62018 bytes) Swizzle Sticks - Set of 8 - Playing Card Suits.  These swizzles are clear glass and have pictures of all the suits in the deck (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs).  They are in near mint condition. $20.00



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This Site Was Last Updated on 10/09/2012.

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