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Welcome to The Glass Junkie.  We carry a variety of unique and unusual items, including HIPPIE MEMORABILIA and items relating to the 1960's-1970's, such as Robert Crumb and Gilbert Shelton Posters, an Owl Novelty Radio, an Animated Musical Circus Bank, Navy and Merchant Marines Signal Cards and other Unique & Unusual Items, Oddities, antiques and MORE vintage, weird, strange items.

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4429 images/Crumb-WiscWiggles-Poster.JPG (34419 bytes) Robert Crumb Poster - A NEW 78 RPM PHONOGRAPH RECORD BY R. Crumb & His Keep-on-Truckin' Orchestra - RIVER BLUES/ WISCONSIN WIGGLES - by Ordinary Records. This awesome poster measures approx.17-1/2"H x 11-1/2"W and is in NM-M condition. Graphics are fantastic! $80.00


4431 images/Crumb-Puppets-Fr.JPG (29415 bytes) R. Crumb's Puppets - ANGELFOOD McSPADE - "Silly Movements Guaranteed" is marked on package. Instructions are on the back. NM-M condition - uncut.

images/Crumb-Puppets-Bk.JPG (26595 bytes)



4432 images/Crumb-FFFBros-PosterJPG.JPG (42207 bytes) Gilbert Shelton Advertising Poster - The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (TM) - Highest Quality Rolling Papers - Sole Distributors, Oat Willie's Department Store, Inc, Austin, Texas 78760. Gilbert Shelton 1979.  $50.00


4433 images/Crumb-AdvPoster-BerkleyGallery.JPG (55822 bytes) Robert Crumb Advertising Poster: ROBERT CRUMB is having a Big Cartoon Show at th' Berkeley Gallery, 370 Brannan, San Francisco Hours: 11 to 4 Tues. through Sat. Opening: Feb. 2nd, 8:00 P.M. Runs Feb. 2 to 27, 1971 - R. Crumb 1970. This poster measures approx. 9-12" x 11" and is in NM-M condition! $45.00


4535 Glass-StonedAgin-1.JPG (32226 bytes) Stoned Agin! Glass - Features 4 panels with a picture of a cat or tiger in various poses of dissaray.  Hilarious!  This Scotch-on-the-Rocks style glass measures approx. 4-1/8"H and is in excellent condition. 

Glass-StonedAgin-2.JPG (35916 bytes)  Glass-StonedAgin-3.JPG (35114 bytes)  Glass-StonedAgin-4.JPG (32975 bytes)





4536 Glass-HaveANicePeace.JPG (25545 bytes) Have A Nice Peace Glass.  This Scotch-on-the-Rocks style glass measures approx. 4-1/8"H and is in excellent condition. $12.00




4235 images/CoronetFilmstrips-Box.JPG (42928 bytes)

images/CoronetFilmstrips-Inside.JPG (44394 bytes)

images/CoronetFilmstrips-Instr.JPG (48026 bytes)

Awesome filmstrips and record set of FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOKS. This set contains eight filmstrips and records of: THE WIZARD OF OZ - A DOG OF FLANDERS - ROBINSON CRUSOE - A LITTLE PRINCESS - GULLIVER'S TRAVELS - THE HAPPY PRINCE - PETER PAN - HEIDI. Comes in original box, with User's Guide. The records are 33-1/3 rpm and the film strips will play on any standard filmstrip projector. A signal on the record indicates when the filmstrip should be advanced. If an automatic sound-filmstrip projector is used, the filmstrip will advance automatically. The introduction in the User's Guide reads, in part: "Great care was taken in each filmstrip to remain true to the original style and spirit of the book." and "A variety of art styles, sound effects and narrative combine to lend additional interest to these books and enhance their appeal." By Coronet Films & Filmstrips - The Finest in Educational Films. Eight filmstrips in Color - for Intermediate Grades. Curriculum Areas: Language Arts, Reading. 5158 with four 12-inch records. The set is in excellent condition with very, very minor wear to the records (box has a small split on one corner and "Personal Property of Jay L. Troxell" written in ink) and would make a truly unique and unusual gift! $40.00


3766 images/SignalCards.JPG (103439 bytes)

images/SignalCards-cu.JPG (25262 bytes)

images/SignalCards-I.JPG (122060 bytes)

images/SignalCards-i1.JPG (35766 bytes)

International Signal Cards (Navy and Merchant Marines) manufactured and distributed by The Sunset Press.  This neat set of cards contains 64 Signal Cards and 5 cards that detail Distress Signals (in daytime and at night), Distress Signals for Navy Aircraft, Use of Numeral Flags and Pennants, the Phoentic Alphabet and Signals for the Control of Merchant Vessels.  The cards are in excellent condition, with minor wear.  The box, however, is rough and is missing the end closures.   $15.00


4128 images/bank-circus-musical.JPG (24843 bytes) Animated Musical Circus Bank - Wind it up, drop a coin in and the music starts to play and the clown dances to the music of the Can Can.  Measures approx. 6"H and in very good condition, with some wear.

images/bank-circus-back.JPG (17475 bytes)



3327 images/radio-owl.JPG (17148 bytes) Unique Owl Radio - Made in Japan - AM Transistor - Novelty Radio - Works (but as those of us who are old enough to know, AM radios produced static)!!  This is a really neat novelty radio and is in overall very good condition (there is some wear to the gold top and some wear and minor pitting in the gold wings).  Radio measures approx. 6-1/4" tall.

images/radio-owl-side.JPG (12645 bytes)   images/radio-owl-bk.JPG (13459 bytes)    




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This Site Was Last Updated on 11/12/2011.