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Welcome to the Glass Junkie Internet Shop.  Here you will find a unique selection of vintage toys such as a Barbie Child's Tea Set, Model Kits an  ELMO TMX First Edition Release of the 10th Anniversary of Tickle Me Elmo, and a vintage Knickerbocker Space Target Game.  More to come.




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4107 images/barbie-teaset.JPG (27533 bytes) Barbie Child's Tea Set - MIB.  Includes teapot, sugar, creamer, 4 cups & saucers and 4 dessert plates.  Marked "Chilton-Globe, Inc." and " Mattel, Inc. 1989 ".     $20.00  
4127 images/carnivalrecordpl-2.JPG (39449 bytes)

images/carnivalrecordpl-1.JPG (73329 bytes)

Carnival Record Player with 4 two sided records. Box is marked "Carnival Toy Division/Lorraine Industries, Inc./Bridgeport, Connecticut/made in U.S.A. Patent Pending. Model #111." This item is mint in a near mint box (very, very minor wear)! The handle on the top has never even been punched out. Runs on 1 D cell flashlight battery. Comes with original pamphlet.   images/carnivalrecordpl-3.JPG (46987 bytes)    $25.00


4338 images/elmo-tmx.JPG (46456 bytes)

Elmo TMX - MIB/NRFB - English Speaking Version Tickle Me Elmo.  10th Anniversary Rare TOP SECRET edition from the 1st day's release on 9-19-06.  America 's funny bone with three interactive tickle spots on his chin, tummy and toe. When kids tickle Elmo once on any of the tickle spots, he starts to laugh and slap his leg twice, then falls down into a sitting position and rocks himself back up to standing while laughing. When they tickle him a second time, he repeats the pattern, then sits down again and falls backwards onto his back and starts kicking his feet while laughing even harder. He then stands back up and asks to be tickled again. And on the third tickle he absolutely lets loose going through the first two patterns and then rolling over onto his tummy where he starts hitting the floor with his hand in gales of laughter, then rolling onto his back, standing up again, and ending with a deep sigh. 



3708 images/toy-bachmann-37-plane.JPG (19272 bytes) Bachmann Mini-Planes - #37 - by Bachmann Bros, Inc. - Made and Printed in Hong Kong.  This one is the "Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk" (there is no "h" in the word Brothers!) and comes in its original box (missing the celophane).  NM-M condition.  Box reads "Super Detailed", "Hand Decorated", "Moving Parts", "Authentic Scale Collection" and "Model & Package Lead Free". $25.00
4348 images/Target-Space-Box.JPG (22624 bytes) Knickerbocker Pop a Part No. 676 Satellite Target Game.  Shoot the Satellite into Space!  A Knickerbocker Action Target.  Missing one dart.  Gun barrel has melted in one area (as seen in below photo), but the gun still fires fine!  Box has some worn areas and the celophane has a tear.  Target is in excellent condition and graphics are great!  

images/Target-Space.JPG (14555 bytes)  images/Target-Space-Gun.JPG (35895 bytes)  images/Target-Space-BoxBk.JPG (20871 bytes)


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This Site Was Last Updated on 05/21/2011.