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Welcome to The Glass Junkie.  Here you will find the incredible Ronnie Reagan Teapot by Hall China and other Political Memorabilia & Collectibles, Presidential Memorabilia & Collectibles, Vice Presidential Memorabilia & Collectibles, 1950's to 1980's memorabilia, prints, Campaign Memorabilia & Collectibles, Political Campaign Memorabilia & Collectibles, Politics and MORE.


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4103 images/ronnie-teapot-fr.JPG (10483 bytes)

President Ronald Reagan Teapot by Hall China.  Very Rare!  There are 2 fleabites (1 on the inside of the top that does not show and 1 on the bottom edge -- see photos!).

images/ronnie-teapot-side.JPG (11852 bytes)   images/ronnie-teapot-top.JPG (6582 bytes)  images/ronnie-teapot-btm-cu.JPG (14906 bytes)   images/ronnie-teapot-signJPG.JPG (5253 bytes)

4089 images/pol-campaignbk-f.JPG (15949 bytes)

images/pol-campaignbk-gwb.JPG (23884 bytes)

The American Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural 1789-1989 Official Guidebook.  This rare booklet is in very good condition with some minor wear along the bottom right edge of the front cover & minor wear to the edges.

images/pol-campaignbk-i.JPG (21091 bytes)  images/pol-campaignbk-dq.JPG (22452 bytes)



3701A Poster-Clinton-Gore.JPG (56543 bytes) Clinton Gore Double-Sided '96 Campaign Poster - Paid for by the Clinton/Gore '96 General Committee, Inc.  Allied Printing.  Poster measures approx. 21-1/2"W x 13"H and is in excellent condition.

3701B Poster-Carter-Mondale.JPG (57133 bytes) Carter-Mondale Campaign Poster - 20"H x 16"W - 1976 The Millenium Group, Inc. 924 Cherry Street, Phila., PA 19107.  Poster measures approx. 20"H x 16"W and is in excellent condition. $20.00
3701C Photo-Nixon.JPG (25415 bytes) Richard Nixon Photograph - Plasticrome.  Photo measures approx. 14"H x 11"W and is in excellent condition. $12.00
2400 NixonCoasters.JPG (73734 bytes) Richard Nixon Diamond Cut Coaster Set - President Nixon Now More Than Ever.  This awesome coaster consists of 4 coasters in their original box and insert (has some writing in pen on the back).  The HIT Line, 1968.  Excellent condition! $55.00
3701D Photo-Humphrey.JPG (24261 bytes) Hubert H. Humphrey Photograph.  Photo measures approx. 14"H x 11"W and, other than a crease across the middle, is in very good condition.. $12.00
3701E Poster-LBJ4USA.JPG (30935 bytes) LBJ for the USA Poster - 20-1/2"H x 13"W - Amalgamated Lithographers of America, Chicago - 1964 The Art Press, Inc., Chicago.  Poster measures approx. 20-1/2"W x 13"H and is in excellent condition. $20.00
2208 Bank-UncleSam.JPG (19588 bytes) Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank - marked "Uncle Sam" on the front of the base and "Made in Hong Kong" and "No. 861" on the bottom.  Other than a couple of minor scuffs along the back of the base, the bank is in very good condition and works well (missing the rubber stopper, which should be easy to replace).  Just place a coin in Uncle Sam's hand and push the button to the side of his left leg - the purse under his hand opens up and his hand lowers to drop the coin in the purse.  The bank is plastic and measures approx. 9"H. $10.00
2208 Bank-UncleSam-200Yr.JPG (17104 bytes) Uncle Sam 200 Years Bank - incised All States Management Corp. 1974 on the back and under UCC All States Management Corp. 1975 with "Made in Hong Kong" incised on the bottom.  This neat Bicentennial Celebration bank is in very good condition, other than a couple of scuff marks, and  measures approx. 10-1/4"H. $15.00

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This Site Was Last Updated on 06/19/2009.