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Welcome to the Glass Junkie Internet Shop.  Here you will find vintage Ruby and Ruby Cut to Clear Glass and Glassware, Lemonade Sets, Pitchers, Depression Glass, Cherry Blossom Depression Glass, Glass Pitchers, Bavarian Tea Sets, Romanian Glass Decanter Set, Blue Glass, Decanter Beverage Sets, Glassware, Lemonade Sets, Decanter Sets, Sherberts, Hi-Ball Glasses, Stemware and more.


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3000 images/pk-d-g-pitchr1.JPG (6004 bytes) Pink Cherry Blossom Depression Glass Pitcher - Excellent condition - very minor wear.

images/pk-d-g-pitchr2.JPG (6124 bytes)  images/pk-d-g-pitchr3.JPG (7079 bytes)



1641 images/ruby-lemonade.jpg (18808 bytes) Ruby Cut to Clear Glass Lemonade Set ( Pitcher with 6 Glasses ) - Excellent Condition SALE PRICE $180.00


812 images/blue-bev-set.jpg (31387 bytes) Lovely Romanian Blue Glass Decanter Beverage Set - Excellent condition.  SALE PRICE $70.00


1533 images/pitcher-glass-peach.JPG (13044 bytes) Vintage Glass Pitcher.  This awesome pitcher has a peach color to it and is in excellent condition, with minor wear and a few bubbles in the glass.  Measures approx. 7-1/2"H. $45.00


3425 images/sherberts-greenglass.JPG (53788 bytes) Set of 8 VASELINE Glass Sherberts - by Federal Glass Co.  This set is in fantastic condition with minor wear (there are a few bubbles in the glass) and bears the "F" in a shield mark on the bottom of the sherberts.  They measure approx. 2-3/4"H.   $70.00


1549 images/glasses-etched-stemware.JPG (28875 bytes) Set of 8 Etched Stemware Glasses.  This set is in excellent condition, with minor wear from use.  The glasses measure approx. 5-1/2"H. $35.00


4102 yellow-hiball-glasses.JPG (33597 bytes) Set of 6 Yellow Hi-Ball Style Glasses - Excellent condition. $45.00


4331 images/RubyRedCups.JPG (29321 bytes) Vintage Pair of Ruby Red Glass Cups - Near Mint to Mint condition. $15.00

4386 images/CarnGlass-BirdCandleholders.JPG (44652 bytes) Lovely pair of Blue Carnival Glass Bird Candleholders.  The candleholders measure approx. 3"H and are in excellent condition!  $35.00


4451 Mikasa-HeartCandyDish.JPG (38888 bytes) Romantic Jewel Covered Heart Box by Mikasa #WY365/943 - MIB.  Measures approx. 4"x4".

Mikasa-HeartCandyDish-Inside.JPG (78717 bytes)



4459 Candlesticks-DepGl-Green.JPG (45443 bytes) Green Depression Glass Candlesticks - excellent condition other than a minor bubble burst on the base of one of them. $35.00


4475 GlassSet-SailingShips.JPG (69739 bytes) Sailing Ships Glassware Set - Blue & White Paint.  This neat set consists of 6 glasses and they are in excellent condition.  They measure approx. 4-7/8"H. $45.00






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4454 SaltPepper-Woman&Man-w-Monacle.JPG (27348 bytes) Unique Salt & Pepper Set - Man is wearing a Monacle.  This unique set measures approx. 5"H and is in excellent condition.  No marks. $15.00


4419 images/SaltPepper-Godinger-InBox.JPG (29407 bytes) GODINGER Chickadee Salt & Pepper Set - Silver Treasures - Mint in Original Box!  Rare!

    images/SaltPepper-Godinger.JPG (42628 bytes)   



4402 images/Flatware-TudorPlate-1.JPG (64354 bytes) Oneida Tudor Plate Flatware 77 Piece Set - Service for 12 (12 Teaspoons, 12 Tablespoons, 12 Salad Forks, 12 Forks, 12 Knives) 11 Fruit/Orange Spoons, a Sugar Spoon, a Butter Knife and 4 Serving Pieces.  Very good condition with minor wear - comes with Anti Tarnish Silverware Container and Oneida Ltd. Silversmith's Guarantee.

images/Flatware-TudorPlate-Box.JPG (52170 bytes)     images/Flatware-TudorPlate-Cert.JPG (37869 bytes)   images/Flatware-TudorPlate-2.JPG (56981 bytes)



4421 images/Flatware-WmRogers-1.JPG (71899 bytes) Wm. Rogers & Son® Silver Plate Flatware 51 Piece Set - Service for 12 (12 teaspoons, 12 forks, 12 tablespoons and 12 knives) and 3 Serving Pieces.  Very good condition with minor wear - comes with storage container!

images/Flatware-WmRogers-Box.JPG (37018 bytes)



3333 images/bowls-sears.JPG (58138 bytes) SEARS & ROEBUCK Nesting Refrigerator Bowl Set - Set includes 3 nesting bowls with a CATTAIL motif.  The bowls measure approx. 2-3/4", 3-1/2" and 4-1/2" high and the bottom of the bowls are marked "OVEN PROOF", "CAT TAIL" and "SEARS-ROEBUCK AND CO." in Gold Paint on the bottom.  The set is in excellent condition with very minor wear. $75.00  


3317 images/bowls-cambridge.JPG (46471 bytes) UNIVERSAL CAMBRIDGE RED Nesting Refrigerator Bowl Set - Set includes 3 nesting bowls.  The bowls measure approx. 2-3/4", 3-1/2" and 4-1/2" high.  The set is in good condition, with mostly minor wear - the small bowl has the most wear.  The bowls are marked "UNIVERSAL CAMBRIDGE, O.", "OVEN PROOF", "NATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OPERATIVE POTTERS" and MADE IN U.S.A." on the bottom. $35.00  


3495 images/cannisters-wood-roosters.JPG (56758 bytes) Wooden Canister Set with Rooster motif - Set consists of 4 canisters.  The canisters measure approx. 5-1/4", 6-1/8", 7" and 8".  Set is in excellent condition, with minor wear.  The motif is more of a stylized rooster motif.  $25.00  


4218 images/canister-chef.JPG (48954 bytes) Vintage Pink and Black Canister Set with Chef motif - Set consists of 4 canisters that measure approx. 5-1/4", 6", 6-3/8" and 7" High.  Set is in excellent condition with minor wear.  The canisters are marked "PARKER METAL DEC. CO.", "PARMECO" and "BALTIMORE, MD." $22.00  


2989 images/cornservers.JPG (31359 bytes) Corn Server Set - Plastic - 1950's-early 1960's era - Excellent Condition - Includes 4 Corn Husk Dishes, 8 Corn Skewers and Salt & Pepper Shakers.  Box is marked "Serv-Rite", "Royal- Pacific Co. Los Angeles 1, California" and bears the original price tag on the back.

images/cornservers-b.JPG (35030 bytes)



3283 images/beverageset-multic.JPG (27515 bytes)

images/beverageset-multic-box.JPG (35316 bytes)

Beverage Set - Multi Color Glass - MIB (box has wear) - includes pitcher and 6 glasses (2 green, 2 blue and 2 orange - pitcher is yellow).  Box is marked "Tall Summer Drink Set by Bartlett - Collins Company Sapulpa, Oklahoma" and bears the word "FLASH" stamped in red.  Pitcher measures approx 9-1/4"H and glasses are approx 6-1/4"H. SALE PRICE $30.00


4332 images/PumpkinTeapot.JPG (21909 bytes) Unique Pumpkin (or maybe Tomato - you be the judge) Character Teapot.  There is a black “Made in Japan” stamp on the bottom.  Measures approx. 5-3/4”H.  Near Mint/Mint Condition $20.00


2139 Elephant-Stainless-SetInBox.JPG (48676 bytes)

Elephant-Stainless-Cup.JPG (39627 bytes)

Elephant-Stainless-Bowl.JPG (38079 bytes)

4 Piece Child's Elephant Stainless Dinnerware Set.  This awesome set includes a bowl, cup, fork and spoon.  The back of the bowl is marked "18.8 Stainless Denmark" and there is an Elephant standing on it's right front leg on a Circus Drum Stand, holding it's other 3 leg up.  The bottom of the cup is marked "Stainless 18.8 SELANDIA Denmark" and the front of the cup has the same Elephant design.  The spoon and fork are marked "Stainless Denmark" and have the same Elephant design on the handles.  Comes in the original box (box is rough).  The set is in very good condition.

Elephant-Stainless-Fork-Spoon.JPG (26479 bytes)



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This Site Was Last Updated on 06/25/2011 .