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Welcome to the Glass Junkie Internet Shop.  Here you will find vintage Purses and Fashion Accessories.  We have Lucite purses, Whiting & Davis Mesh purses, Rhinestone purses, Beaded purses, signed purses, Silver Beaded purses, Gold Beaded purses, clutches, pocketbooks, vintage beaded purses, manicure sets, Lady Frances Wallets in Display Box, a Beaded Glass Peacock Purse, Belt Buckles and miscellaneous fashion accessories.

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4117 lucitepurse1.JPG (19583 bytes) Fantastic Lucite Purse - excellent condition.

lucitepurse1-ins.JPG (23164 bytes)    

3229 purse-lucite.JPG (23012 bytes) Awesome Lucite Purse - excellent condition.    $75.00
4153 purse-mesh-wd.JPG (18450 bytes) Whiting & Davis Goldplate Mesh Purse.  Excellent condition with minor wear.     $30.00
4154 purse-mesh-wd-strap.JPG (16563 bytes) Purse - Whiting & Davis Goldplate Mesh w/Wrist Strap.  Excellent condition with minor wear.   $30.00
4155 purse-mesh-wgermany.JPG (41402 bytes) Purse - W. Germany label - Goldplate Mesh.  Excellent condition with minor wear.  $25.00
4156 purse-woven-fr.JPG (48134 bytes) Woven Rattan/Bamboo? Purse w/Floral Motif and strap on back for carrying.  Excellent condition with minor wear.

purse-woven-bk.JPG (38615 bytes)

4157 purse-silverbead-pearls.JPG (23160 bytes) Purse with Silver Beading & Sequins - Hand Made in the Crown Colony of Hong Kong.  Excellent condition with minor wear. $18.00
4158 purse-silver-rhinestones.JPG (16315 bytes) Silver cloth Purse with Rhinestones - Hand Beaded Made in Hong Kong.  Missing 3 rhinestones on the back, otherwise excellent condition - minor wear. $15.00
4159 purse-silver-beading.JPG (16607 bytes) Silver cloth Purse with Beading - no labels.  Excellent condition with minor wear. $10.00
4160 purse-silver-mopearl.JPG (21884 bytes) Silver cloth Purse with Beading & Rhinestones with what looks to be Mother of Pearl Inlay Along Top - Hand Made in Hong Kong.  Excellent condition with minor wear.  $15.00
4162 purse-blk-clutch-rhinest.JPG (20060 bytes) Black Clutch w/Rhinestone Closure - Magid (chain inside purse that is hanging, may have held change purse?); otherwise excellent condition - minor wear. $15.00
4164 purse-blkbead-vivant.JPG (59044 bytes) Beaded Black Clutch - Vivant by Sarne - Hand Made in Japan with Italian Beads - 1 side of label has come unstitched, otherwise excellent condition - minor wear.   $15.00
4165 purse-blkbeaded-macau.JPG (16173 bytes) Beaded Black Clutch - Made in Macau - Satin & Rayon with Rope-Like Handle.  Excellent condition with minor wear. $10.00
4166 purse-blk-beaded-clutch.JPG (26878 bytes) Beaded Black Clutch w/Chain Handle - label has been cut out, otherwise excellent condition with minor wear. SALE PRICE $15.00


4167 purse-white-mesh.JPG (30978 bytes) White Mesh Purse w/Chain - Made in China.  Excellent condition with minor wear. $15.00
4169 manicure-purse-ins.JPG (18514 bytes) Manicure Set in Red Satin Purse with Wrist Strap.  Includes mirror, hosiery mending kit, nail file, nail scissors, tweezers and cuticle stick.  Excellent condition with minor wear.

manicure-purse.JPG (9451 bytes)



4172 purse-white-seq-bead.JPG (44847 bytes) David's Imports Purse - Made in Japan.  Label has come unstitched on one side.  Includes mirror.  White beads with sequins.  Other than a missing bead or two, this purse is in excellent condition, with minor wear. $20.00
4173 purse-funky-1.JPG (39562 bytes) Funky Beaded Purse - 60's or 70's.  There are no labels and the purse is missing a few of the white beads, otherwise in excellent condition with minor wear. $15.00
110 purse-gold-sequins-beads.JPG (23975 bytes) Gold Sequined & Beaded Purse.  Made in Hong Kong.  Excellent condition with minor wear. $15.00
4175 purse-lucite-rhinestones.JPG (19711 bytes) Lucite Purse with Rhinestones and Chain Handle.  Very good condition with light surface scratching and minor wear due to use.  SALE PRICE $55.00


4176 purse-vinyl-gold-decodesign.JPG (32785 bytes) Vinyl Clutch with Gold Deco Style Design.  Excellent condition. SALE PRICE $40.00


4223 Wallets-LadyFrances.JPG (19469 bytes)

Wallets-LadyFrances-cu.JPG (44682 bytes)

Display Box with 8 Retro Girl's Wallets or Billfolds.  Each wallet has a design with musical instruments & records, a girl & boy with telephones design or girls decorating the front.  The display box reads "The Senorita Vani-Purse with a place for everything . . . naturally by Lady Frances".  Each of the wallets contains a mirror, a comb, an emery board, a space for ID and a couple of photos, bills and a coin purse  Lady Frances by Dobbs.  The wallets are in excellent condition, although the mirrors do show age. $45.00
3519 Purse-PeacockGlBead1.JPG (28184 bytes) Awesome PEACOCK Glass Beaded Purse.  This is a heavy purse that is in overall very good condition, with a fantastic Peacock design.  There are two areas where the beads are separating as can be seen in the photos -- all beads are there, however.

Purse-PeacockGlBead2.JPG (28367 bytes)  Purse-PeacockGlBead3.JPG (10373 bytes)  Purse-PeacockGlBead4.JPG (5828 bytes) 

4427 BeltBuckle-HeMan.JPG (41037 bytes) Awesome Boy's He-Man Belt Buckle - Vintage - Mattel, Inc. 1985 -by Lee.  This awesome belt buckle features He-Man and Skeletor.  Measures approx. 2-3/4"W x 1-3/4"H.  Excellent condition! $18.00

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This Site Was Last Updated on 04/19/2012.