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Welcome to the Glass Junkie Internet Shop.  Here you will find Vintage Paper Memorabilia and Ephemera, including Vintage Greeting Cards, Advertising Fans, Picture Fans, Paper Fans, Post Cards, Postcards, a PETER MAX Paper Airplane Book, vintage Baby Albums and MORE!  


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2866 images/erte-pprdolls.JPG (34751 bytes) Erte Fashion Paper Dolls of the Twenties - Rendered by Susan Johnston - 1978 by Dover Publications, Inc.  Uncut and NM-M condition, with very minor wear.  Fantastic fashions! $20.00  


4423 images/Postcards-RinglingBros-4.JPG (32137 bytes) Ringling Brothers Circus Postcard Set - 7 Postcards.  This set features John Ringling Residence from Sarasota Bay, an Aerial view of John and Mable Ringling Museums of Art, the Breakfast Room of the home of John Ringling, the Delft Bird Cage at John & Mable Ringling's  Residence, the "Five Graces Bandwagon, the famed Selis-Floto "Two Jesters" calliope wagon and Mable Ringling's Bedroom.

images/Postcards-RinglingBros3.JPG (25418 bytes)  



4424 images/Postcards-Edison.JPG (31471 bytes) Thomas Alva Edison Postcards - 5 Postcards.  This set features a Banyan Tree given to Thomas Alva Edison by Harvey Firestone in 1925, Edison's Model "T" Ford given to him by Henry Ford, Edison's Winter Home in Ft. Myers, FL, an Early Battery Powered Phonograph and Early Kinetosopes and Cameras.

images/Postcards-Edison-2.JPG (28441 bytes)  



3352 laffycards-box.JPG (18824 bytes)

laffycards-anniv-i.JPG (25129 bytes)

Awesome Vintage set of Greeting Cards.  The cards are in excellent condition (the inside of the "apple" card -- see photos -- has some damage).  Envelopes are showing age, but no rips or tears.  Fantastic graphics with pop-up surprises, bells & rattles!

laffycards-m-p-s.JPG (52346 bytes) laffycard-duck-i.JPG (21056 bytes)    

4017 fan-foldout2.JPG (13235 bytes)

fan-foldout1.JPG (7755 bytes)

Awesome Advertising Fan.  This neat fan has 2 panels that pull out from the sides of the fan to enlarge the photo to show a baby holding a bottle.  The fan measures approximately 7"H x 10-1/2"W (when opened up).  The fan is in excellent condition, with minor wear. 

fan-foldout-bk.JPG (8486 bytes)  fan-foldoutfcu.jpg (16425 bytes)

3919 pmaxx-airplanebook-cov.JPG (23588 bytes)

pmaxx-airplanebook-bk.JPG (19048 bytes)

Peter Max Paper Airplane Book - First Printing May 1971 - PM Enterprises.  33 Flying Planes - Uncut!  A Pyramid Book.  Excellent condition - no rips or tears.  

   pmaxx-airplanebook-1.JPG (37964 bytes)   pmaxx-airplanebook-2.JPG (32273 bytes)   pmaxx-airplanebook-3.JPG (42894 bytes)    





4344 BabyAlbum-FirstFiveYears.JPG (18821 bytes) Our Baby - The First Five Years - unused Baby Memories Album 1943 The Whitman Publishing Co.  Designed by Mildred Davis Conte.  Fantastic graphics; comes with original box (box is rough); album is excellent.




4345 BabyAlbum-YearByYear.JPG (18565 bytes) Baby's Own Story - Year by Year - unused Baby Memories Album 1941 Whitman Publishing Co.  Designed by Cecile Lamb.  Awesome graphics!  Comes with original box (has minor wear); album is excellent.  $30.00



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This Site Was Last Updated on 07/06/2011.