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An eclectic collection of mega classic rock artists, psychedelic music, garage rock and more.   Music performed by the Beatles, the Byrds, the Greatful Dead, the Doors, Elvis - the King, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Roy Clark, Chad & Jeremy, Al Cooper, the Allman Brothers Band, Country Joe & the Fish, David Crosby, Edgar Winters Group, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Mamas and the Papas, Gene Pitney, Leon Russell, the Mothers, Ringo Star, Santana, the Turtles, the Searchers, Zappa, Chevy Training Records, Bobby Sherman, the Partridge Family, David Cassidy, Kelloggs Rice Crispies' Snap Crackle and Pop, Disney's Pollyanna, It's Howdy Doody Time and Riders of the Purple Sage.  

You'll also find PICTURE DISCS by such artists as the Beatles, Boston, Huey Lewis & the News, the Jacksons, Marilyn Monroe, the Stones, Quiet Riot, Rush, the Who and the Three Stoogies - along with Disney's Jungle Book, Snow White, Mary Poppins and Bambi - and then there's Star Wars.  

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4262 images/lp-johnnycash-behindprisonwalls.JPG (26700 bytes) NAPA Presents A Concert: Behind Prison Walls - Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt and Roy Clark - Together At Last.  33-1/3 rpm - # AL 10178.  Condition:  9 - Jacket condition is Excellent, with very minor wear.

images/lp-johnnycash-behindprisonwalls2.JPG (23145 bytes)




images/lp-chadandjeremy.JPG (28314 bytes)

Chad & Jeremy Sing For You - World Artists Records - WAS 3005.  Condition:  7/8 - some light surface scratching.  Jacket is very good with wear along the edges.



3225 images/chevy-corvair-trainingrec3.JPG (11710 bytes)

images/chevy-styling-trainingrec3.JPG (10638 bytes)

images/chevy-classicclimax-rec-1.JPG (21470 bytes)

Set of 3 Chevy Dealers New Product Training Service 33-1/3 RPM Records:  (1) Corvairs "Never Before Compact Comfort".  One side features the "Corvair Body & Chasis" and the other side features "Corvair Engine & Transmissions" on the other side.  This record is in Excellent condition with extremely minimal (if any) wear.  The sleeve has minor wear.  (2) "Styling ... the Nearest to Perfection".  1960 Models, Styling and Interiors.  Excellent condition with extremely minimal (if any) wear.  (3) One side features "Classic Climax ... Trimline Styling" (Corvair Styling, Options and Custom Features) and the other side features "Perfect Partners for '60" (1960 Body, Chasis, Engines and Transmissions).   Excellent condition with extremely minimal (if any) wear (sleeve has been written on in ink - see photos).  The records were produced by the JAM HANDY Organization, manufactured by RCA Victor Custom Records.  (This set is also shown on our Advertising page)




4265 images/lp-mikebloomfieldandalkooper-liveadventures.JPG (25930 bytes) The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper Recorded at Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, Sept. 26, 27, 28, 1968.  PG-6.  Stereo.  Columbia Records - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks include:  The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy), I Wonder Who, Green Onions, No More Lonely Nights, and Dear Mr. Fantasy.  This is a 3 record set.  Cond.:  LPs #1,2&4: 8; LP #3: 6 (there is some very light surface scratching).  Jacket is in excellent condition with some ringwear. $18.00


4266 images/lp-bangladesh.JPG (13536 bytes) The Concert for Bangladesh - on Apple Label (white apple) - 33-1/3 rpm - STCX 3385.  This is a boxed 3 record set with the original booklet.  Condition:  8/9 - box is Excellent.

images/lp-bangladesh2.JPG (14884 bytes)  images/lp-bangladesh3.JPG (12289 bytes)  images/lp-bangladesh4.JPG (16714 bytes)




4267 images/lp-byrds.JPG (41713 bytes) The Byrds - Sweetheart of the Rodeo - CS 9670 - Columbia - 33-1/3 rpm - Stereo.  Tracks include:  You Ain't Going Nowhere, I Am a Pilgrim, Pretty Boy Floyd, Hickory Wind, Life in Prison , Blue Canadian Rockies and more.  Condition:  7/8 - there are a couple of light surface scratches.  Jacket has some ringwear and minor wear. $25.00


4268 images/lp-allmanbros-fillmoreeast.JPG (24865 bytes) The Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East - Capricorn - SD 2-802 - 33-1/3 rpm - Stereo.  Tracks included in this album:  Statesboro Blues, Done Somebody Wrong, Stormy Monday, You Don't Love Me, Not 'Lanta, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed and Whipping Post.  This is a 2 record set.  Condition:  9.  Jacket is in very good condition with minor wear around the edges and the beginnings of a split at the bottom edge of the back near the opening. SALE PRICE $14.00



4269 images/lp-countryjoe.JPG (10912 bytes) Incredible! Live! Country Joe.  Vanguard - Stereo - VSD 79316 - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks on this album:  Entertainment Is My Business, Sweet Marie, Kiss My Ass, Living in the Future in a Plastic Dome, Walk in Santiago (Instr.), Tricky Dicky, You Know What I Mean, Fly So High, Deep Down in Our Hearts, Free Some Day, and I'm On the Road Again.  Condition 6 - some scratching.  Jacket has minor wear and some ringwear. 

images/lp-countryjoe1.JPG (23884 bytes)



4270 images/lp-davidcrosby-remembername.JPG (16251 bytes) David Crosby - If Only I Could Remember My Name - Atlantic Recording Co. - Stereo - SD 7203 - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks include:  Music is Love, Cowboy Movie, Tamalpais High, Laughing, What Are Thier Names, Traction in the Rain, Song with No Words, Orleans, and I'd Swear There was Somebody Here.  Condition:  9; Jacket has wear but is in very good condition..

images/lp-davidcrosby-remembername1.JPG (39921 bytes)  



4271 images/lp-dead-wakeflood.JPG (25111 bytes) The Grateful Dead - Wake of the Flood - Grateful Dead Records - GD-01 - 1975 - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks on this album:  Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo, Let Me Sing Your Blues Away, Row Jimmy, Stella Blue, Here Comes Sunshine, Eyes of the World, and Weather Report Suite.  Condition: 7, minor light scratching.  Jack has some ringwear and wear along edges. 

images/lp-dead-wakeflood2.JPG (16001 bytes)



4272 images/lp-doors.JPG (22949 bytes) The Doors - Elektra label - EKS 74007 - Stereo - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks include Break on Through (to the other side), The Crystal Ship, Light My Fire, Back Door Man and The End.  Condition:  8 - very light surface scratching.  Jacket has wear around the edges, the beginnings of a split along the bottom of the jacket in the middle and some ringwear.  $12.00


4273 images/lp-edgarwinter-onlycomeoutatnight.JPG (21393 bytes) The Edgar Winter Group - They Only Come Out At Night - Epic label - KE 31584 - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks include Frankenstein, Undercover Man, Free Ride, and Rock 'n' Roll Boogie Woogie Blues.  Condition:  9.  Jacket has wear around the edges and minor ringwear.  $20.00


4274 images/lp-elvis-inconcert.JPG (28434 bytes) Elvis In Concert - 2 Record Set - RCA - Stereo - APK 2-2587 - 33-1/3 rpm.  This is a 2 record set.  Condition:  7/8.  There is some light surface scratching and the jacket has some ringwear, wear on the edges and a split at the tope edge near the opening.

images/lp-elvis-inconcert1.JPG (27049 bytes)    images/lp-elvis-inconcert2.JPG (25883 bytes)  




4275 images/lp-genepitney-bitsixteen.JPG (21083 bytes) Gene Pitney - Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen - Musicor Records - MM 208 - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks on this album:  The Ship True Love Goodbye, Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa, Only Love Can Break a Heart, Not Responsible, Teardrop by Teardrop, Donna Means Heartbreak, Aladin's Lamp, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Keep Tellin' Yourself, Mecca, Town Without Pity, Tower Tall, Cry Your Eyes Out, True Love Never Runs Smooth, Take Me Tonight, Half Heaven-Half Heartache.  Condition:  6 - Minor scratching.  Jacket very good with minor wear around the edges and one spot on the left edge near the top. SALE PRICE $15.00



4276 images/lp-jerryleelewis-mustbemore.JPG (23053 bytes) Jerry Lee Lewis - There Must Be More to Love Than This - Mercury label - Stereo - SR 61323 - 33-1/3 rpm - Condition:  8 - very light surface scratching; Cutout in Jacket otherwise excellent condition with very minor wear.  $10.00


4277 images/lp-mamasandpapasdeliver.JPG (27884 bytes) The Mamas & the Papas Deliver - Dunhill Records - DS 50014 - Stereo - 33-1/3 rpm.  Includes Dedicated to the One I Love and Creeque Alley.  Condition: 7 - some surface scratches.  Jacket has wear along edges, ringwear and a couple of pieces of litho missing on the balk of the jacket. $13.00


4278 images/lp-leonrussell-hank.JPG (31551 bytes) Leon Russell - Hank Wilson's Back - Volume I - Shelter Records - SW 8923 - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks include Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms, She Thinks I Still Care, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Jambalaya, Six Pack To Go, Battle of New Orleans, Truck Drivin' Man and more.  Condition: 9.  Still in the original shrink wrap - jacket has very minor wear and a little crease at the bottom edge near the opening.   $15.00


4279 images/lp-mothers-fillmoreeast.JPG (10842 bytes) The Mothers - Fillmore East - June 1971 - MS 2042 - 33-1/3 rpm.  Frank Zappa - Includes Willie the Pimp, Happy Together and Little House I Used to Live in.  Condition: 9.  Jacket has wear/ringwear, scuffing and a small tear along the unopened edge. $25.00


4280 images/lp-ringostarr-beaucoupsblues.JPG (24554 bytes) Beaucoups of Blues - Ringo Starr - Apple label - SMAS 3368 (SMAS 1-3368) - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks  include:  Beaucoups of Blues, Love Don't Last Long, Fastest Growing Heartache in the West, Woman of the Night, Women and Loud Happy Songs and I Wouldn't Have you Any Other Way - and more.  Condition:  7 - some minor light scratching; Jacket is in excellent with very minor wear along edges.  .  $25.00


4281 images/lp-santanaandmclaughlin-lovedevotionsurrender.JPG (18321 bytes) Love Devotion Surrender - Carlos Santana and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - PC 32034 - Columbia label - 33-1/3 rpm.  Tracks include A Love Supreme, Naima, The Life Divine and more.  Condition:  9; Jacket excellent with very minimal wear. $10.00


4282 images/lp-searchers-meetthe.JPG (21227 bytes) Meet the Searchers / Needles & Pins - Kapp - Mono - KL 1363 - 33-1/3.  Tracks on this album include:  Needles & Pins, Tricky Dicky, Saturday Night Out and more.  Condition:  9; Jacket has some wear around the edges and some scuffing on the front with some spotting on the back with tape along both sides of the jacket. SALE PRICE $20.00



4283 images/lp-turtles-aintmebabe.JPG (28884 bytes) The Turtles - It Ain't Me Babe - Rhino Records - Stereo - RNLP 151 - 33-1/3 rpm.  Condition:  8 - very minor light surface scratching; Jacket has ring wear, a 2" split at the bottom in the middle and the beginnings of a split along the unopened edge near the middle.  Includes Eve of Destruction, It Ain't Me Babe and Like a Rolling Stone.   $8.00


4284 images/lp-zappa-zapped.JPG (16451 bytes) Zapped - Frank Zappa - Warner Reprise - Stereo - PRO 368 - 33-1/3 rpm.  The tracks included on this album are:  Alice Cooper/Titanic Overture; Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band/The Blimp (Mousetrapreplica); Judy Henske & Jerry Yester/St. Nicholas Hall; Tim Buckley/I Must Have Been Blind; Wild Man Fisher/Merry-Go-Round; Alice Cooper/Refrigerator Heaven; Tim Dawe/Little Boy Blue; Lord Buckley/Governor Slugwell; Jeff Simmons/Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up; Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band/Old Fart At Play; The Mothers of Invention/Holiday in Berlin, Full Blown; The GTO's/Do Me In Once and I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice and I'll Know Better (Circular Circulation); and Frank Zappa/Willie the Pimp.  Condition:  8 - very light surface scratching.  There is a 3-1/4" long split at the bottom edge of the jacket near the middle and a 1/2" long split at the bottom edge at the opening of the jacket along with some ringwear and minor wear around the edges.   $40.00


4261 images/lp-elvis-50goldawardhits.JPG (25938 bytes)

images/lp-elvis-50goldawardhits3.JPG (35221 bytes)

Elvis Presley - Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 1 - LPM 6401 - MONO - 33-1/3 rpm.  Included in this awesome set are:  Heartbreak Hotel, Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, I'm All Shook Up, Teddy Bear, Jailhouse Rock, Don't, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, Hard Hearted Woman, It's Now or Never and more!  This is a 4 record set with the original sleeves!  Overall Cond: 9 (Record 1/2 has an indentation the size of a quarter in it; otherwise a 9; Record 3/4 has an indentation the size of a nickel in it, otherwise a 9; Record 5/6 has an indentation smaller than a dime in it, otherwise a 9; Record 7/8 has a very, very slight indentation in it, otherwise a 9); Box has split at one corner on the bottom and at all corners on the top with some wear. 




4335 images/LP-WithLoveBobby.JPG (24383 bytes)

With Love, Bobby – The Scrapbook Album – Bobby Sherman -- WITH THE SCRAPBOOK!  Metromedia records – KMD 1032 – STEREO.  Includes the song JULIE, DO YA LOVE ME?  Album condition:   6 (a few scratches); Album cover condition:   8 (minor wear around edges); Scrapbook condition:  9



4336 images/Lp-BobbyShermanGreatestHits.JPG (18423 bytes) Bobby Sherman’s Greatest Hits – Volume I.  © 1971 Metromedia Records – KMD 1048 – STEREO.  Includes the songs Julie, Do Ya Love Me, Cried Like A Baby, Seattle and Jennifer, just to name a few.  The album cover is a tri-fold with some really neat graphics on the inside.  Album condition:  9 (very light surface scratches) Album cover condition:  7 (a ¾” tear along left bottom edge, a small area at the top edge is split, minor ringwear and some general wear). $5.00



2850 images/LP-PartridgeFam-SoundMag.JPG (24586 bytes)

The Partridge Family Sound Magazine Album BELL 6064 – STEREO.  Starring Shirley Jones.  Featuring David Cassidy.   Includes the songs I Woke Up In Love This Morning, Echo Valley 2-6809, One Night Stand, I Would Have Loved You Anyway, Love is All that I Ever Needed, I'm On My Way Back Home and Brown Eyes, just to name a few.  Album condition:  7 (there are some scratches but they appear to be surface scratches, not deep ones; there are some pencil marks on the label on side 2).  Album cover condition:  8+ (minor along open edge; still has original cellophane).




4337 images/LP-PartridgeFam-UpToDate.JPG (33815 bytes)

The Partridge Family UP TO DATE BELL 6059 – STEREO.   Starring Shirley Jones.  Featuring David Cassidy.   Songs include:  I'll Meet You Halfway; Doesn't Somebody Want to Be Wanted; Morning Rider on the Road; That'll Be the Day; She'd Rather Have the Rain, just to name a few.  Album condition:  8 (surface scratches).  Album cover condition:  8+ (minor ringwear and minor wear along edges).  




2851 images/LP-PartridgeFam-XmasCard.JPG (252966 bytes)

A Partridge Family Christmas Card Album BELL 6066 – STEREO. Starring Shirley Jones.  Featuring David Cassidy. Songs include My Christmas Card to You, White Christmas, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Blue Christmas, Jingle Bells, The Christmas Song, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, Winter Wonderland, Frosty the Snowman, Sleigh Ride and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.   Album condition:  9 (there is an area of the label on side 1 that is wrinkled) Album cover condition:  9 (minor wear) No card. 







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images/45-SnapCracklePop.JPG (14974 bytes) SNAP CRACKLE POP – Kelloggs – 33-1/3 rpm record – Label is marked © 1983 Kellogg Company – SCP83.  Side 1:  Snap! Crackle! Pop! Rice Krispies, Wakin’ Up, and Snap! Crackle! Pop! Medley.  Side 2:  Rock & Roll, Western and New Wave.  Record Condition:  ­­­3 (there are several scratches) – comes with plain white sleeve. 




images/45-RidersOfPurpleSage.JPG (20031 bytes)

RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE – Extended PLAY 45 rpm – EP 191.  The songs on this record are:  Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Lorena, Cool Water and Yellow Rose of Texas .  This record is on the Royale label and is on RED VINYL!  Record Condition:  9; Sleeve Condition:  5 (some water staining and a small tear).  





Picture Discs

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4238 images/picdisc-beatles-abbeyroad.JPG (26859 bytes) The Beatles Abbey Road - Sealed! - Capital - EMI - This is a limited edition - 33-1/3 rpm - SEAX 11900 - Cond: 10 $300.00


4239 images/picdisc-beatles-timelessII.JPG (18900 bytes) The Beatles - Timeless II - © 1982 Silhouette Music - #STM 10010A - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 7 - there is a small scratch on side 2 - no jacket. $45.00


4240 images/picdisc-boston.JPG (22916 bytes) Boston - Special Limited Edition Picture Disc - © 1976 CBS, Inc. - #34188 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 8 - very minor surface scratching; Jacket is in good condition with some scuffing, ringwear and 2 tears near bottom of jacket. $45.00


2526 images/picdisc-disney-junglebook.JPG (28757 bytes) Disney - The Jungle Book - © MCMLXXXI - Disneyland/Vista Records #3105 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 8 - very light surface scratching.  Jacket is in very good condition.     $25.00


4215 images/picdisc-disney-snowwhite.JPG (22693 bytes) Disney - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - © MCMLXXX - Disneyland/Vista Records #3101 -  33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 8 - very minor light surface scratching.  Jacket is in good condition with some creasing and minor wear.    $25.00


4242 images/picdisc-hueylewis.JPG (21072 bytes) Huey Lewis & the News - '84 Sports Tour - Chrysalis lable - © 1982, 1983 & 1984 Chrysalis Records, Inc. - 8V8 42795 -33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 6 - some surface scratching.  No jacket. SALE PRICE $20.00



4243 images/picdisc-jacksons.JPG (25466 bytes) Jacksons Picture Disc - Special Buy - The Official Jacksons Picture Disc includes all he songs from "Victory" - 8E8 39576 S1 - Epic label - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 9.  No jacket..  SALE PRICE $20.00



2817 images/picdisc-marilyn.JPG (22312 bytes) Marilyn Monroe - AR 30031 - GEMA - 33-1/3 rpm - Includes Heatwave, River of No Return and Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.  She's nude on the other side!  Cond: 9-10.  No jacket.   SALE PRICE $50.00



4244 images/picdisc-preciousstones.JPG (21874 bytes) The Rolling Stones - Precious Stones - An Exclusive Interview with the Rolling Stones - Limited Edition Picture Disc - RecTrack Nederland, B.V. - PD 0001 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 9.  Jacket is in very good to excellent condition.  $35.00


4245 images/picdisc-stilllife.JPG (37623 bytes) The Rolling Stones - Still Life - American Concert 1981 - Special Limited Edition Picture Disc - © 1982 - Atlantic Records - COC 39114 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 9.  Jacket is in excellent condition with a crease along the unopened edge near the top. $45.00


785C images/picdisc-quietriot.JPG (18219 bytes) Quiet Riot - Mental Health - Pasha label - 8Z8 39203 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 8 - a few minor surface scratches.  Jacket is in very good condition with minimal wear. $20.00


3195 images/picdisc-rush.JPG (23105 bytes) Rush - Hemisphere - © 1978 Phonogram, Inc. - Mercury label - SRM-1-3743-A - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 8 - very light surface scratches.  Jacket is in good condition with ringwear, scuffing and wear around the edges. $40.00


4247 images/picdisc-thewho.JPG (32440 bytes) The Who - Who Are You - Sealed! - MCAP 14950 - © 1978 MCA Records, Inc., 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 10    $45.00


140 images/picdisc-starwars-retjedi.JPG (23938 bytes) Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - © MCMLXXXIII Lucasfilm Ltd. - 63155 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 6 - some surface scratching.  Jacket is in very good condition with minor wear. $20.00


3196 images/picdisc-styx.JPG (24414 bytes) Styx - Pieces of Eight Picture Disc No. 61995 - AM Records - PR 4724 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 9 - very, very light surface scratching.  No jacket. $30.00


4246 images/picdisc-3stooges.JPG (18933 bytes) The Three Stoogies - Madcap Musical Nonsense - Rhino Records - RNLP 808 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 9/10.  Jacket is in excellent condition with minimal wear. $30.00
4248 images/picdisc-disney-marypoppins.JPG (20961 bytes) Disney's Mary Poppins - Disneyland/Vista Records - 3104 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 8 - very minor light surface scratching, a couple of tiny spots on side 2.  Jacket is in worn condition with the number "99" written in red on the back cover, some creasing and 2 strips of tape covering 2 tears - see photos.

images/picdisc-disney-marypoppins2.JPG (16982 bytes)



2816 images/picdisc-elvis-hotdog.JPG (17902 bytes) Elvis Presley - Hot Dog - AR-30019 - Made in Denmark P 1984 n©b 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 8 - very minor surface scratching.  No jacket.

images/picdisc-elvis-hotdog2.JPG (19025 bytes)




4250 images/picdisc-elvis-legendaryperf.JPG (20319 bytes) Elvis Presley - A Legendary Performer - © 1978 RCA - CPL 1-3078 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 8 - jacket has cutout, some creasing, an ink mark & minor wear.

images/picdisc-elvis-legendaryperf2.JPG (15726 bytes)    images/picdisc-elvis-legendaryperf3.JPG (19196 bytes)




4251 images/picdisc-elvis-lovestillburn.JPG (28563 bytes) To Elvis:  Love Still Burning - FSP-1001 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 9 - jacket has wear, some creasing and a tear - see photo. $20.00



4252 images/picdisc-lindaronstadt.JPG (25916 bytes) Linda Ronstadt - Living in the USA - Asylum label - DP 401 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond: 8 - minor surface scratches and jacket is worn with a cutout and some creasing. $22.00



4249 images/picdisc-disney-bambi.JPG (23918 bytes) Disney's Bambi - Disneyland/Vista Records - 3108 - 33-1/3 rpm - Cond:  5 - several light scratches - jacket has several creases and a small tear along the unopened edge.

images/picdisc-disney-bambi2.JPG (24833 bytes)    





                 Children's Records           

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images/45-Pollyanna.JPG (18774 bytes)

Walt Disney’s POLLYANNA – The Pollyanna Song and America the Beautiful – 78 rpm – Golden Record - #609.  The sleeve is marked Walt Disney Productions, Inc., 1960.  The record is YELLOW VINYL.  Record Condition:  9+; Sleeve Condition:  8+ (very minor wear/creasing).



3437 images/LP-HowdyDoody.JPG (26616 bytes) Say Kids!  What Time Is It?  It’s Howdy Doody Time!  © 1971 by The New York Times Company.  Stereo effect reprocessed from monophonic.  Starring Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob Smith with the Howdy Doody Cast.  The Original Recording – RCA LS-4546(e).

Side 1:  It’s Howdy Doody Time ; Howdy Doody’s Do’s and Don’ts

Side 2:  Howdy Doody’s Magic Juke Box

Record condition:  9 ; Album cover condition:  8 (some wear around edges and a 4-3/4” split at the top edge) 




Record Grading:


The 10-Point Grading System, as shown in the Official Price Guide for Records:


10.  MINT


 8.  Better than VERY GOOD but below NEAR MINT


 6.  Better than GOOD but below VERY GOOD

 5.  GOOD

 4.  Better than POOR but below GOOD

 3.  POOR

 2.  Really trashed

 1.  It hurts to think about it


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